Do blind people express their emotions in the same way as people who can see?

Facial expressions play a powerful role in social interactions from birth to adulthood. Fear, joy, anger -- all our emotions are articulated and understood thanks to universal codes. Common sense sees this enterprise as an act of imitation: children imitate their parents by reproducing the facial expression linked to each emotion. But if this...

Psychologists say our ‘attachment style’ applies to social networks like Facebook

A new investigation appearing this week in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletinsuggests a strong association between a person's attachment style -- how avoidant or anxious people are in their close relationships -- and their perception and management of social networks like Facebook. "Attachment style, thought to play a central role in romantic and parent-child relationships,...

Are we still jealous? Infidelity in the age of social media

When men and women find social media messages indicating that their partner has been cheating on them, they show the same type of jealousy behaviour as finding offline evidence that their partner has been unfaithful. This is according to Michael Dunn and Gemma Billett of Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK, who investigated how...


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